About Me

We are looking to be an inclusive online community for every kind of Chicago family!

We want to be a unique home to help uplift and engage our neighbors to think in ways that help us build a better city and a brighter tomorrow for every kid regardless of income, race, gender, religious or political beliefs. I want my kids to see a better way and a better example on how to love and respect one another.

Made in Chicago, born and raised by a Chicago mom for better or worse. I’m beyond lucky, Married to the most wonderful husband a gal could want, also my best friend. We have three amazing kids who are my, heaven, my world, my everything, along with the cutest Lil Boston Terrier ever.  We all live in a tiny house, now just out of the city where we spent the better part of our life together these past eight years enjoying each other while making our little family, well… bigger.   We are Just the Webers and I’m Stephanie, The Chicago Mom. I’m just one of many Chicago moms I think you should get to know. So now I guess we’re hitting the ground all back up and running the new Chicago way.

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