Pool Safely with the Adventures of Splish & Splash

There hasn’t been a summer in recent memory that hasn’t broken my heart at some point when some very attentive family loses attention en masse for 30 seconds, it only takes 30 seconds! Vigilance and Education are the best protection for prevention and simple steps really can save lives.

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children AGES 1 to 4.
-from poolsafely.gov

I couldn’t over-state my support for this group if I tried (just one of the things I have in common with Michael Phelps), please Download their Free Toolkit and get the tools to Pool Safely this year. Not only are there wonderful free materials for parents, but they also have a fantastic app called Adventures of Splish & Splash for Android or Apple that helps reinforce the lessons provided on poolsafely.gov as well as a fun pool safely coloring sheet [pdf].

Image From poolsafely.gov
Support The Michael Phelps Foundation

The Michael Phelps Foundation started a partnership with the Pool Safely Campaign last year and it saved lives! We are joining the greatest Olympic swimmer of all-time in support of this wonderful campaign. Summer Fun and Pools go together like Memorial Day and Parades. Please Pool Safely this year now that the pools are open and who knows, maybe start your little one on a path to the USA 4 x 100M Relay team.

– Mom Out