Cake Hunters is Casting in Chicago!

Calling all Chicago Moms…Do you need your next party to really take the Cake?

We just found out about this amazing show called Cake Hunters and that they’re casting here in Chicago this week! So we just had to share. I mean we LOVE cake and we would just love to see some other great chicago families get a chance to share their “Cakesperiences” Shopping and have their story be told on this fantastic hit show from The Cooking Channel, OMG, it’s  Freaking Cake Hunters!

Send your emails to them at:

You can follow us on Facebook for more updates on the whole Cakesperience with The Chicago Mom. I can’t wait to find out more info on when they will announce just who the Coveted Cake Hunters will be!

To see and learn more about the show click here to watch Cake Hunters on the Cooking Channel. 

Cake Hunter’s Casting on Facebook